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Criminal and DUI defense for your Bellevue physical control violation.

A Bellevue physical control violation may be different from a more traditional DUI, but the penalties are just as severe and punishing. Physical control violations can be difficult to understand, as the details outlined in Washington State drunk driving law are often confusing to the average individual.

A physical control violation is different from a regular Bellevue DUI because you can be charged with this crime even if you were not driving at the time of your arrest. The law states that if your blood alcohol content(BAC) is .08 or higher when you are found anywhere within your vehicle, or even outside of the automobile, the arresting officer can determine that you were still in “physical control” of the car. This means that you could be found in the passenger seat, the back seat, or even alongside your vehicle, and still be arrested and charged with this serious DUI crime.

The penalties for a Bellevue physical control conviction include a fine of up to $5,000, 364 days in jail, and a driver’s license suspension, all of which are mandatory. Our Bellevue physical control attorneys seek to mitigate these penalties on your behalf, and can help you get a better grasp on how the pertinent laws are defined.

When building a legal defense there is no substitute for real-world experience, and our Bellevue physical control lawyers are not only well-versed in the law, but also recognize how important the resolution of your case is to you and your family. We will want to explore numerous avenues of defense in an attempt to have your charges dropped, reduced, or mitigate the penalties to some degree.

Was your vehicle was parked safely off of the roadway when it was first noticed by the arresting police officer? If so, or if the vehicle was entirely inoperable, it’s possible that we would have a tangible line of defense to present to a judge.

It is the responsibility of the court to acknowledge your legal rights. While WA drunk driving laws are written to punish the guilty, they are also crafted to protect the innocent. Our Bellevue physical control attorneys believe that a defense can be built for every DUI client, but much will depend on the information in your police reports and other pertinent factors. With decades of collective experience defending honest, hard-working Washington residents, our Bellevue physical control lawyers will treat your case as though it were their own.

A skilled drunk driving lawyer can help you minimize the penalties associated with a physical control charge.

An arrest for a Washington drunk driving crime is a miserable and humiliating experience that can leave you confused, angry, and emotionally drained. If convicted of a physical control DUI you will face mandatory punishments that will cause your life to be turned upside down, so it makes sense to minimize them however you can. If you are of the opinion that you were charged with a Bellevue physical control violation without reason, then defending your interests becomes especially poignant, and building a resolute defense becomes even more imperative.

Our Bellevue physical control attorneys understand how you feel because we’ve seen the devastating effects of a DUI conviction firsthand. Every lawyer at our firm is well aware that there is far more at stake than just your driving privileges. Minimizing your penalties is a goal we keep at the forefront when constructing a defense strategy, always working diligently to investigate your WA drunk driving case.

Our Bellevue physical control lawyers will act as a barrier between you and the prosecutor.

Our Bellevue physical control lawyers will act as a barrier between you and the relentless pursuit of the prosecutor and court, thus allowing you to focus on putting your life back together. Deciding which attorney to hire is an important decision, so you should choose someone that you believe will aggressively fight for your interests while protecting your legal rights.

Our Bellevue legal team offers a free consultation so that you can start getting some answers before deciding if we are the right attorneys for you. If you ultimately decide to retain our professional services, we will put our decades-long experience handling Bellevue physical control violations to work for you without delay.

A physical control violation in Washington State can be a confusing charge.

Have you recently gone through an arrest for a physical control violation and feel that you have been charged unfairly with this crime? If this sounds like what you are going through, you are definitely not alone as a physical control charge is commonly a very confusing drunk driving violation. It’s hard to believe that you can be charged with this DUI related crime, even if you were simply asleep in the back of your vehicle. Our Bellevue DUI lawyers would like to impress upon you that despite how benign seeming this situation appears to be, the consequences that a conviction carries can be quite severe.

Being arrested can cause a significant amount of emotional distress on you and your family. In addition, the financial burden caused from having a criminal record alone can impact you for years down the road. If you would like to preserve life as you know it and retain your privilege to drive, speaking with a seasoned Bellevue physical control lawyer can reveal positive actions you can take to build the tough legal defense necessary to overcome your charges.

At our law firm, it is our philosophy that every physical control case can be attacked on some degree. In order to determine the best defensive strategy, your Bellevue physical control attorney will need to complete a full review of the facts surrounding your circumstances. There are details that can be brought to light unique to a physical control charge which may prove invaluable to getting your penalties reduced or your case dismissed. Variables such as whether you were harmlessly parked off the road, or even if your car happened to be inoperable at the time. The court is obliged to listen to a case backed by WA State law and defended with facts. This is why simply showing up to court with little or no preparation, or self-representing, is more times than not met with a life altering conviction.

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To take away some of the fear and anxiety of reaching out to a knowledgeable lawyer to get the help and answers you need at this difficult time, we provide a no-risk and obligation-free consultation. It makes perfect sense to do everything within your power to preserve your way of life. Let us help you do the negotiating and heavy lifting for you. If you decide to hire our skilled Bellevue physical control attorneys, we will put our decades of collective experience to work for you immediately.

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