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Drug related criminal and DUI defense in Bellevue, WA.

According to Washington law, possessing up to an ounce of marijuana in the city of Bellevue, WA is legal. However, driving a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana is a crime with serious consequences that could impact your life for many years. Our Bellevue DUI marijuana lawyers can help you get a better understanding of these relatively new pot laws so that you fully understand whatever charges you might be facing.

A pot DUI conviction incurs the same penalties as one which involves the consumption of alcohol – a mandatory sentence of up to 364 days in jail and $5,000 in fines. Additionally, you will lose your driver’s license for up to 90 days, and have to carry SR-22 (high risk) auto insurance for three years.

You are considered over the legal limit for driving under the influence of marijuana if a blood test reveals that you were operating a vehicle with .05 nanograms or more of THC in your bloodstream. Our Bellevue marijuana attorneys have seen firsthand the damage a Washington pot DUI conviction can cause, and we urge you to protect your legal rights and avoid whatever punishments you can.

If a police officer pulls you over and suspects that you are driving under the influence of marijuana, they will likely call for assistance from a drug recognition expert. Their job is to determine whether you’ve been smoking marijuana, or are under the influence of some other kind of drug.

Our Bellevue marijuana DUI attorneys will pay close attention to the details in your police report, because the drug recognition “expert” may have used their own discretion when making a judgment, instead of following accepted legal guidelines.

Our Bellevue DUI marijuana lawyers will investigate multiple avenues of defense on your behalf, and this requires time to review all pertinent materials related to your arrest and the events leading up to it.

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If you’re having trouble understanding Washington’s complex marijuana laws, you are but one of many. Our Bellevue pot lawyers are thoroughly familiar with Washington’s marijuana DUI laws, and will help you get a more in-depth understanding of how the law applies to your particular circumstances. Our Bellevue marijuana DUI attorneys have decades of collective experience, and during that time they’ve resolved hundreds of alcohol related drunk driving crimes. Additionally, since 2012 we have been representing persons charged with pot DUIs, as this was the first year the laws went into effect.

Talk to one of our Bellevue marijuana attorneys today by calling our law office for a free case evaluation, and start getting answers to some of your questions. We will provide you with reliable information about your pot DUI, based on the law, instead of uninformed advice from family and friends with good intentions.

If you choose to retain one of our Bellevue DUI marijuana lawyers, our legal team will aggressively fight to do everything legally possible to have your marijuana-related charge dismissed or reduced. If this proves impossible, we will seek to mitigate your penalties in whatever way we can.

If you’ve already been convicted of a DUI in Washington, you could be facing penalties that are even more severe and potentially life-altering, so you need to talk to one of our Bellevue marijuana attorneys right away. Contact one of our Bellevue pot lawyers today, and get some help fighting your marijuana DUI in an effort to resolve your case.

Our Bellevue marijuana DUI lawyers can help.

With the new pot laws that got passed in Washington State in 2012 it is understandable to be confused on the details. Since this new law passed, and although it is now acceptable for individuals to have 1 ounce in their possession, it is nonetheless illegal to be driving a motorized vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. If you have recently been pulled over for a drug related DUI, our Bellevue marijuana DUI attorneys want to urge you to take this charge very seriously. Please contact our team for a free consultation immediately so that we can help address your questions.

Part of building a strong defense when confronting a pot DUI in Washington State is the ability to be able to scrutinize the “facts” surrounding your DUI arrest. There are often details in the police reports that can be challenged, the reasoning you had been pulled over in the first place. There are circumstances where a drug recognition expert may have been called out by the arresting officer to help in the determination of whether or not the driver appeared to be high. This is merely an opinion and can definitely be scrutinized. If you retain our legal counsel, these, among other possible details pertaining directly to your case will be heavily examined by our Bellevue marijuana DUI lawyers. We will utilize these tools to combat the prosecutor’s attack on you.

The marijuana DUI attorneys in Bellevue, WA from our firm have decades of collective experience in obtaining successful outcomes for individuals charged with a marijuana DUI. We are well acquainted with the complexities surrounding the marijuana laws in Washington State, and are ready to put that knowledge and experience to work for you. Call us for your free phone consultation so that we can help to clear up some of the confusion you may be feeling.

Affordable pot DUI attorneys in Bellevue, WA.

A drug related DUI does not differ significantly than an alcohol related DUI. And, with the staggering repercussions that accompany a pot DUI conviction, it only makes sense to hire one of our affordable Bellevue marijuana lawyers so that you don’t have to wade through this complex and frightening process yourself.

In cases where there may have been a previous marijuana DUI charge, the penalties would be much steeper. If this sounds like your situation, it is even more vital to contact a knowledgeable Bellevue marijuana attorney as soon as possible. Armed with decades of collective experience, we will work tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome for your case in order to get your pot DUI penalties significantly reduced or dismissed altogether.

Start getting help and answers today by contacting our Bellevue drug DUI attorneys for a free case consultation. With our extremely affordable and flexible payment options, getting the strong legal counsel you deserve is even easier than you may have thought. Keeping your rights and freedom is definitely worth a fight – don’t face it alone.

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