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DUI license suspension.

Being arrested for a Bellevue drunk driving crime can make you want to hide away from the rest of world, but there is little time to lick your wounds because you have to act fast and request a hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (Washington DOL). At your Washington State DOL hearing, the fate of your driving privileges will be decided, and nobody wants to be unable to drive for any period of time. The length of your driver’s license suspension can vary, depending on which WA drunk driving crime for which you are charged.

If your driver’s license is suspended because of a Bellevue DUI conviction, you will not be able to drive for the entire period your license is suspended. When your driver’s license is reinstated, you will have to obtain expensive high risk (SR-22) auto insurance, and retain it for three years – a costly proposition.

Drunk driving defense and preparing for the Washington department of licensing hearing.

You have only 7 days to request your own Washington DOL hearing from the date of your Bellevue DUI arrest. If you want to keep your driving privileges, then you need to address the issue before this time runs out, and preferably much sooner.

You, like most drivers in Washington, likely need your vehicle for daily activities like getting to work, going to the store, or dropping off your kids at school. If your driver’s license is suspended it will place a heavy burden on your entire family, and could even cost you your job if you are required to drive for your work.

Act quickly and start preparing for your Washington Department of Licensing hearing immediately after your Bellevue DUI arrest. To get started, contact one of our Bellevue DUI attorneys, so that you can get help preparing for your Washington State DOL hearing.

A Bellevue criminal lawyer can get you ready for your Washington DOL Hearing.

Our Bellevue DUI lawyers need adequate time to build a defense if there is to be any chance of success at your Washington DOL hearing. This is also true for the case we present to the court at a later date. Your experienced attorney will look for errors in the police reports pertaining to your case, because there could be evidence that may result in your Bellevue DUI charges being dismissed or reduced. Even if this is not possible, most of our Bellevue clients do not want to face a driver’s license suspension, so our focus will be on preparation for your Washington DOL hearing.

Being ready for your Washington State DOL hearing means you are also laying the foundation for the criminal defense portion of your case. When you deal with the prosecutor or appear in court, you will be ready with an aggressive defense strategy. At your side will be your Bellevue DUI attorney, ensuring that your legal rights are always being protected.

Call us for a free consultation about your WA DOL hearing.

If you’ve been arrested for a Bellevue drunk driving crime, you probably have a myriad questions running though your mind. With your Washington DOL hearing deadline so close at hand you have little time to sit idle, so contact us today for a free case evaluation and start getting the answers you need take the next step.

Your initial consultation won’t cost you a dime, and you will not be forced to make any commitment. If you choose our law firm to represent you, they will immediately start investigating your Bellevue DUI case so that your Washington State DOL defense is ready when that important date comes along.

Don’t take any unnecessary chances when it comes to your driver’s license; contact one of our professional Bellevue DUI attorneys today so that they can help you do everything legally possible to keep your driving privileges.

We will work to keep you validly licensed.

Having a valid license to drive is an extremely important aspect for most to be able to function in daily life. Going to work, picking up the kids, grocery shopping… the list goes on. The most mundane of tasks can be disrupted by being charged with a Bellevue DUI, and the monumental stress that this often carries with it can have a lasting impact for the rest of your life.

If you are facing suspension of your driver’s license because of a DUI related crime, it is imperative for you to move quickly on the steps that follow. After all you have a mere seven days to file for a WA State department of licensing hearing. That isn’t much time to think about what you’re going to do next. Fortunately, our Bellevue DUI attorneys provide a free consultation over the phone to help get your most concerning questions addressed.

It is at your Washington DOL hearing that will determine whether your license is suspended and for what length of time. It almost makes sense to do everything necessary in order to avoid a conviction, which inflicts mandatory and often severe penalties. Part of being well equipped on ensuring a greater outcome of your Washington State department of licensing hearing is an understanding of WA DUI laws. With the courts, a solid defense backed by the state’s own drunk driving laws will have any sway on the judgment that is levied.

Our WA State DOL hearing attorneys can help you understand the DUI laws pertaining to your case.

We highly recommend that you allow one of our knowledgeable Bellevue DUI attorneys to work with you on obtaining a greater understanding of these WA DUI laws. We want to help you avoid license suspension which carries penalties such as having to carry expensive high risk auto insurance for at least three years following reinstatement. This can cause a heavy financial burden on you and your family, so please call for your free consultation and ask how we can fight for you with our low affordable fees.

It takes a multitude of effort and experience with Washington State drunk driving laws in order to fully investigate a DUI incident. There is necessary paperwork to be filed, police reports to comb through and a thorough review of the facts that need to be done.

During this meticulous procedure, the trained eyes of our skilled Bellevue DUI lawyers may catch flaws and issues with how your matter was dealt with. Was the equipment recently calibrated that measured your blood alcohol content? Was there a legitimate reason why you were even pulled over? These are just some of the details that will be taken into account when your case is being built.

Take a decisive first step by calling for your FREE case evaluation today.

While there are no guarantees, relevant facts play a vital role on whether or not your license will be suspended at your Washington department of licensing hearing. These important case details will also be taken into account during your court date that follows the DOL hearing. Armed with a strong defense and being fully prepared for these important dates will help you avoid the mandatory penalties that accompany a DUI criminal charge such expensive fines and a jail sentence – all of which are potentially life altering.

Now is the time for decisive action on how you would like to handle your DUI nightmare and best prepare for your WA DOL hearing. Let our highly skilled Bellevue DUI lawyers reduce the stress that you’re experiencing by allowing us to work with you on reducing or eliminating your criminal charge. As your professional legal advocate, we will fight relentlessly to keep you validly licensed to drive. Call for your free case evaluation without delay!

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Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact us for a FREE case evaluation today.

Arrested for DUI in Bellevue, WA? You must properly challenge your DOL Suspension. Our criminal lawyers will fight to keep you validly licensed.

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