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Drunk driving defense – a Bellevue minor DUI needs immediate attention.

Drivers under 21 years of age can be charged with a Bellevue DUI if they drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level measuring .02 or higher. The penalties associated with a Bellevue minor DUI are swift and severe, the effects of which could ripple through the offender’s life for many years.

The punishments for a conviction include discretionary penalties of up to 90 days in jail and $1,000 in fines. Additionally, a Bellevue minor DUI arrest initiates Washington’s “Implied Consent” law which will result in 90-days minimum suspension of your driver’s license if a hearing is not properly requested within seven short days following your arrest. On the date when the license is reinstated, the guilty party will have to obtain SR-22 (high risk) auto insurance and keep it for three years.

Undeniably, the worst part of a minor DUI conviction is the acquisition of a criminal record in the state of Washington. If you believe that future employers, creditors, and landlords will view a minor DUI as a youthful mistake, you could be sorely mistaken. The reality is that a criminal record could haunt someone for the rest of their life in any situation where a background check is conducted.

There is more competition in today’s Bellevue workforce than ever before, and it’s already difficult for a young person to find a good job. Employers conduct background searches via the internet as a matter of routine, so what do you think will happen when a job applicant has a Bellevue minor DUI conviction on their record? The answer is plain as day, and it underscores how important it is to fight a minor DUI charge with every legal tool at your disposal.

A minor DUI conviction can keep popping up throughout a person’s life – all because of one youthful error in judgment. Our Bellevue minor DUI attorneys understand the importance of these cases and treat them with the seriousness they warrant. We believe that every Minor DUI case can be attacked on some level, but much will depend on the Bellevue police reports and other important facts relative to the driver.

A knowledgeable Bellevue criminal lawyer can help you get a head start.

Don’t waste any time getting a head start; contact one of our Bellevue minor DUI lawyers today and start developing a strategy to deal with the situation aggressively. Our Bellevue minor DUI attorneys sometimes hear from young people who are just out of college and looking to rent an apartment or apply for a job. Because of previously pleading guilty to a minor DUI charge without realizing the possible repercussions, they suddenly are faced with the realities of a criminal conviction on their record. Once a person pleads guilty to a minor DUI there is little that can be done to reverse the adverse affects. Don’t make this same mistake – contact us today and do everything you can to avoid this unpleasant end result.

Our Bellevue minor DUI lawyers offer a free consultation.

Our Bellevue Minor DUI attorneys recognize the importance of these cases, and understand that your future likely hangs in the balance. Our role as attorneys is to do everything legally possible to prevent you from having a criminal record, and we will also aggressively fight to keep you validly licensed to drive. Don’t let one childish mistake derail your life before it even has a chance to get started.

Contact our team of professional Bellevue minor DUI lawyers today for a free case evaluation. Without risk or obligation, they will explain your charges in detail, answer your questions, and outline a cohesive plan for your defense. Our lawyers will also use their knowledge of the law to look for possible issues with your case to see if your charges can be reduced or even dismissed.

There are never any guarantees when it comes to DUI cases, but with so much at stake, your first priority should be to protect your individual rights and seek professional assistance. Our affordable fees and budget-conscious payment plans make it possible for anyone in Bellevue, WA to obtain professional legal representation, and we will do everything legally possible to prevent you from acquiring a criminal record.

How to get your Bellevue minor DUI criminal charge reduced or dismissed.

When you hire one of the Bellevue minor DUI attorneys from our firm to represent you, you can be certain that we will fight tirelessly to get your charges reduced or dismissed. Why do we fight so hard to make sure your legal rights are guarded? Because our legal team understands just how disastrous having a criminal charge on one’s record can have – especially for individuals just starting out in the real world. One could have outstanding qualifications, but with a minor DUI mark on record, will often suffer the consequences of being passed over for other candidates with a clean history.

It makes sound sense, that with so much on the line, that obtaining a strong criminal defense for yourself should be paramount. With how easy it is for employers to run a background check online, legally doing everything you can to mitigate the damages of your charge is a smart move. What makes for a strong minor DUI defense? Years of experience in helping young people successfully challenge their drunk driving violation in court. Washington State minor DUI laws can be perplexing to the untrained eye, and that’s why we urge you to connect with one of the seasoned drunk driving professionals from our team. Don’t let one drink or momentary lapse of judgment negatively impact the years ahead of you. Call today for a free case evaluation to learn more about your options.

The penalties of a minor DUI in Washington State can be staggering – talk to us first.

If you were charged with a minor DUI, we urge you to utilize the free case consultation provided by our firm so that you can at least obtain answers and a greater understanding of viable options. You will be better equipped with the knowledge of the drunk driving penalties you face and feel more confident on how best to proceed. All too often, we have young people contact us who have already plead guilty to their minor DUI charge, only to severely regret it later and ask if the matter can be reversed. It’s unfortunate, but once a judgment has been levied by the court system, there isn’t much that can be done at that point. Deal with your minor DUI head on by contacting our affordable, experienced drunk driving lawyers today. You have nothing to lose and only answers to gain with your free case consultation.

Creating a strong minor DUI defense based on Washington State law takes a fair amount of skill and effort. Should you decided to arm yourself with strong legal counsel to more greatly ensure that your legal rights are safeguarded, it is best to give your legal team ample time to thoroughly investigate the details pertaining to your case. You are allowed a trivial seven days in which to request a DOL hearing to challenge your charge and remain validly licensed to drive. That means acting swiftly and decisively on your part to obtain strong legal representation is key. Call us today for a no-risk, free of charge case consultation, and ask about the affordable low fees that our law firm provides.

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Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
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Facing a minor DUI criminal charge? One mistake doesn’t have to destroy your future. Our Bellevue criminal and drunk driving lawyers can help.

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