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Our team of qualified Bellevue DUI lawyers have decades of combined experience handling complex Washington laws, the prosecutors, and the court. This kind of experience is not something that can be manufactured, because it has to be earned though hard work . When you retain one of our professional lawyers, we promise that you will always be treated fairly and with the respect you deserve.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys will take a personal interest in your case, and will always be available when you have questions or concerns. Your case deserves a unique strategy, because no two DUI cases are ever the same.

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Drunk driving defense – challenge your Bellevue DUI.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys have decades of combined experience, and during this time we’ve dealt with countless unique WA drunk driving cases. Our Bellevue attorneys are confident that any DUI case can attacked to some degree, including yours. Still, much will depend on the circumstances surrounding your arrest by the police, the details contained within the police reports, and how much time we have to build a defense.

A Bellevue DUI is a harrowing experience, but it is not an insurmountable disaster. Don’t let this disruption in your life keep you from taking a proactive position to deal with the situation. Our professional Bellevue DUI lawyers have the qualifications, skills, and experience to protect your legal rights and aggressively fight for your interests.

Bellevue DUI penalties may adversely affect your life.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys will first want to identify and explain the penalties you are facing relative to your particular drunk driving crime. By first identifying the potential outcomes we can then seek to mitigate your punishments, so that you have a reasonable chance of staying out of jail and keeping your driver’s license.

We also take a compassionate approach to litigation that recognizes the emotional strain caused by a Bellevue DUI arrest. The sudden onslaught of stress and worry can cause problems in your personal life, with your family, and at work. By acknowledging this emotional upheaval, we can then maintain our focus on creating a sound legal DUI defense.

Mandatory penalties for a first DUI conviction in Washington include fines of up to $5,000 and 364 days in jail. A Bellevue DUI conviction also triggers a mandatory 90-day driver’s license suspension, during which you will be unable to drive for any reason. When your license is eventually reinstated, you will have to obtain expensive high risk auto insurance for your vehicle and maintain it for three years.

Discretionary penalties that could be ordered by a judge include alcohol and drug counseling or being forced to install an interlock ignition device on your automobile, which requires that you blow into a blood-alcohol measuring device in order to start your car. Most importantly, a Bellevue DUI conviction will cause you to acquire a criminal record, something that should be avoided at all costs.

Bellevue WA drunk driving arrest.

Each drunk driving crime incurs its own set of distinct penalties. For example, when you examine the penalties incurred for a Bellevue minor DUI conviction, it may at first seem like they are less severe than a DUI for an “adult.” However, obtaining a criminal record could affect a young person’s ability to get a good job, or even find an apartment, just as they are getting started with their own life.

Every one of our Bellevue DUI lawyers understand how important these drunk driving cases are to our clients, and we will treat your case with the urgency it deserves. Your future may depend on the decisions you make right now, and we need time to thoroughly investigate your case and build a defense. Don’t delay; talk to one of our Bellevue DUI attorneys at your first opportunity, because the prosecution isn’t going to wait. Call us right away, so that we can start working together on the process of defending your rights.

Our Bellevue DUI lawyers work to mitigate your penalties.

Now that you have a better understanding of how DUI penalties can have a devastating effect on your life, you are likely curious how our Bellevue DUI attorneys work to mitigate the severity of these penalties.

If this is your first DUI arrest in Bellevue, you will have to quickly arrange a hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL), and eventually appear in court. At your DOL hearing you will be given the opportunity to tell your version of the events, and when it’s over the fate of your driving privileges will be determined. You have 7 days from the time of your Bellevue DUI arrest to request a DOL hearing, so it’s vital that you talk to one of our Bellevue DUI lawyers as soon as possible. Your lawyer needs time to prepare all pertinent information before your DOL hearing, which also goes a long way toward developing an aggressive defense.

With adequate time, we can collect evidence to present to the court, so getting an early start is obviously advantageous. One of the first places our Bellevue DUI lawyers look is at the police reports that detail your arrest. Inconsistencies or errors in these reports may help our cause as we negotiate with the prosecutor or explain our case to a judge. There are occasions when the facts revealed in these reports can lead to a case being dismissed, or a reduction in the charges.

For instance, if the police reports prove that you were pulled over without a legitimate legal reason, then we have some strong evidence that the court may consider. If your level of inebriation was gauged by a blood-alcohol measuring device that was not properly calibrated, or if the device’s records were out of date when it was used on you, then it may be possible to suppress this evidence at your Bellevue DUI evidentiary hearing.

Minimizing your DUI penalties is often the primary goal of our Bellevue DUI attorneys, because we want to keep you out of jail and legally licensed to drive. For this reason, we maintain that an aggressive defense strategy built upon a legal foundation is the best line of defense when faced with Bellevue DUI charges.

Bellevue WA drunk driving lawyers.
Why pick our Bellevue drunk driving lawyers to represent you?

A DUI conviction will turn your life over in ways you can’t imagine, so who you choose as your Washington drunk driving lawyer is of great importance. You need a DUI attorney that will treat your case as though it were their own, and who will act as your advocate with the court. Your attorney should also acknowledge your personal needs while working tirelessly to get you the best end result possible – something that requires honest dedication.

Your defense starts with a free consultation.

This page was designed to provide you with some basic information that will hopefully help you better understand your situation. Still, you likely have some questions about your particular Bellevue DUI, and how you might fight the charges in some way. Our Bellevue DUI attorneys offer a free case evaluation to every prospective client, because we recognize that you need information before you make a decision in regards to representation.

When you are armed with some answers about the law, you will then be ready to handle your DUI case, and decide who you would like fighting in your corner. If you choose representation from our Bellevue DUI lawyers, they will diligently strive to protect your interests with the court while defending your legal rights.

There is no time to waste because you need to be prepared BEFORE your DOL hearing, so contact our law firm today and take the first step toward resolving your Bellevue DUI case.

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