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Washington State DUI Penalties

Washington State DUI Penalties

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Information about Washington State’s DUI conviction penalties.

Being arrested for a DUI in Bellevue, WA is an emotionally draining experience that can leave you feeling like the world is closing in around you, but it’s nothing compared to the potentially life-altering penalties associated with a conviction. Washington State law outlines a number of different drunk driving crimes, and each carries its own set of specific penalties. Your Bellevue DUI attorney seeks to minimize the devastating effects of these penalties by investigating your case and dealing directly with the prosecutor and court.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI of any nature, our Bellevue lawyers are ready to help you better understand the Washington State DUI penalties associated with your offense. Crafting a defense strategy starts by familiarizing yourself with the law and how it relates to your Washington DUI offense. This is a problem that will not go away, so protect your own legal interests because the penalties Washington law imposes for every drunk driving offense are swift and severe.

Mandatory minimum drunk driving sentencing laws can be severe.

Depending on which Bellevue drunk driving crime for which you are charged, a conviction could lead to mandatory or discretionary Washington DUI penalties. Most WA drink driving convictions include jail time as a penalty, and a stay behind bars is mandatory in many. Everyone wants to stay OUT of jail, so fighting for your freedom is one of our primary goals.

Your first Washington DUI conviction (or marijuana DUI) could land you in jail for up to 364 days, and subsequent DUIs will incur even harsher punishments. A Bellevue DUI will lead to other Washington DUI penalties that may include mandatory fines. A first DUI conviction will incur fines of up to $5,000, and other punishments may come into play if you are unable to pay.

Another mandatory penalty associated with a Bellevue drunk driving conviction, and most other DUI-related crimes, is a driver’s license suspension. This penalty is often more harmful than many people first realize because going about their daily routine often becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible. The length of a driver’s license suspension varies along with the DUI crime but in every situation, when the driver’s license is reinstated SR-22 insurance will have to be carried by the driver for three years.

A DUI conviction also means acquiring a criminal record, a prospect that any reasonable person wants to avoid at all costs. A criminal record can impact a person’s life in many ways, and this is especially true for young people charged with a minor DUI, as it can haunt them for many years and seriously hinder their efforts to get a job or even rent an apartment.

There are a number of other Washington DUI penalties that can be enforced by a judge, so it makes sense to get an in-depth understanding of the law before you take any definitive action. Our Bellevue DUI lawyers understand the importance of a resolute defense, and will do everything the law allows to minimize your penalties.

A Bellevue criminal lawyer can help you minimize your DUI penalties.

When you’re pulled over, arrested, and charged with a Bellevue DUI, far more than simply your reputation is jeopardized. Your freedom, driving privileges, and possibly even your job may hang in the balance. There is undoubtedly a lot to lose, so it’s vital that you do everything you can to minimize your Washington State DUI penalties with help from a qualified Bellevue professional.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys would like you to take advantage of our free consultation offer. This comprehensive case evaluation is an opportunity for you to start getting some reliable information about the penalties you’re facing, and how we might mitigate them.

Don’t let the emotional upheaval of being arrested for drunk driving prevent you from taking fast action right now – start building a defense today with help from our experienced Bellevue DUI lawyers.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys help you understand the drunk driving penalties you face.

When an individual is charged with a drunk driving related incident in Washington State, there are various WA DUI penalties that will apply. Often, the ramifications felt from a DUI can have lasting negative effects upon one’s life, making it important to have a grasp on understanding the DUI laws that apply.

The first priority of our Bellevue DUI lawyers from our firm is to get to work on doing everything legally possible to get your drunk driving charges minimized or eliminated altogether. When it comes down to it, we will aggressively fight for you to maintain your privilege to drive. With decades of collective experience in successfully handling these matters, our team is of the firm belief that all WA DUIs can be challenged in some aspect.

While it true that DUI penalties vary according to the violation that was committed, almost all drunk driving penalties in Washington State include expensive fines, a jail sentence, as well as a suspension of one’s license to drive. Not to mention, when your license gets re-instated, it will be mandatory to carry high risk automobile insurance for a number of years. To realize which penalties you will be at risk of, we urge you to connect with the DUI lawyers in Bellevue, WA from our law office as soon as possible. Your free consultation is a good initial step that you can take to begin the process of putting your Washington DUI behind you.

If your wondering how our Washington DUI lawyers would go about reducing your drunk driving penalties, it will always involve a detailed investigation of the police reports surrounding your case. Inconsistencies can exist which may prove very valuable to your defense. Having the knowledge and experience that our team has can play a significant role in the ability to exposes the weakness in the prosecutor’s case against you. If you would like to attempt to reduce your DUI penalties or have a better fighting chance in getting your case dismissed altogether, we urge you to reach out to us for your free consultation.

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How are some of the other ways in which Washington DUI penalties can affect your life in the long run? It’s not just a matter of paying off mandatory fines or spending time in jail. Simply not being able to drive for a significant amount of time can greatly infringe upon your ability to support your household. A drunk driving mark on your criminal history report may also greatly limit your career options down the road. Ensuring that your legal rights are being protected and fought for by skilled legal representation is probably your best bet to avoid such costly penalties.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys are here to get you the help and answers you need. If you call in for your free case evaluation, we can visit the details pertaining to your WA DUI arrest and discuss a plan on how to reduce the penalties associated with it. One matter that you can count on is the prosecutor doing everything possible to penalize you to the fullest extent of Washington State law. Fight back with an aggressive, affordable Bellevue DUI attorney by your side.

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Washington DUI conviction penalties are a nightmare! The court must impose the mandatory minimum sentence, including jail and a license suspension.

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